People First!

As your next lieutenant governor, I will hold our legislators and administrators responsible for failed policies, failed education programs, and the extreme discomfort that modern life has visited upon our most valuable investment—People.  As Fellow Delawareans, we must work together to achieve our full and God-given potential.

Furthermore, we need specific programs that support small businesses and local job creation; It is time we focus on job training and community development.  My proven approach towards community service has been centered around unity and respect.  I can and will continue to bring people together.

Throughout Delaware, there are thousands of people who are sidelined, many living in public housing, disenfranchised, with little hope of escaping a perpetual cycle of dependency, poverty, and senseless violence. By working together, we will change these conditions!

Let us be diligent in achieving the American Dream our ancestors fought for.  We must work together, employ all of our talents, and embrace a God-given spirit of community to build a meaningful life for all! If given the opportunity to serve, I will pledge my heart and soul to the task of putting the People of Delaware First!


Elect Gunn to:

  •       Attract High Quality Jobs
  •       Create Economic Opportunities
  •       Make All Communities Safe
  •       Ensure Quality Education for All
  •       Reduce the Cost of Government
  •       Protect the Second Amendment
  •       Honor Our Veterans
  •       Reduce Tax and Healthcare Costs
  •        Bring ALL Communities Together

It’s Time We Put People First In Delaware!