La Mar Gunn has a powerful plan to bring 150,000 new jobs to Delaware. In cooperation with the grassroots Jobenomics plan, the new jobs plan I propose bringing to Delaware will focus on solving income inequality by creating small business opportunities and a working environment where everyone has the chance to prosper.

My Job Action Plan includes…

  • Filing Open Job Positions – 7,500 jobs
  • Inner-City “Blue Collar” Service Jobs – 15,000 jobs
  • Direct Care (Eldercare, Childcare, Healthcare) – 15,000 jobs
  • Digital/e-Commerce/Shared Economy – 22, 500 jobs
  • Demolition, Renovation and Construction – 15,000 jobs
  • Urban Mining – 7,500 jobs
  • Costal Live/Work/Play/Retire Communities – 15,000 jobs
  • Rural, Urban Agriculture/Aquaculture – 30,000 jobs
  • Total: 150,000 new jobs

Please see my downloadable PDF (click HERE) for a complete breakdown of this action plan. You may also view it below:
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